I feel the same way. To say that your “afraid of this generation” is really scary. The fact that we being in our own generation is afraid of them, is saying something. I feel like this generation is just so afraid of becoming our parents. We’ve seen them struggle and be unhappy. We’ve grown up surrounded by so much violence, more than what has been the norm before us. We’ve grown up in tough times and instead of making us better we’ve just kind of fallen into the rut.


Let’s go back to the old days when life was meaningful and actually had a purpose. As I look back I realize I’m more afraid of my generation then happy with it. Everybody seems to have so much pride and no emotion. It’s sad when you have to treat your love one as if they don’t mean as much to you. What happen to women having self-respect? What happen to men being actual gentleman? We live in a generation were immaturity is recognize for being cool. And maturity is recognize being boring. Nowadays a person can’t have just a beautiful personality and a beautiful you have to look the part. Nowadays if are significant other isn’t a certain color we fear of dating them. And say they’re not my “Type”. A text back seems more important than actual conversation. Love isn’t special anymore unless its broadcast, relationships rather be seen…

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