I want to live in the woods

 But not alone. I want to make a community of people that understand me and want to learn and prosper. To live in a tight knit community of people who live off the land and aren’t dependent on anything the world makes. We will use things from the outside world… but we will not become attached to them. The commodity will be there to help us prosper but we will not become addicted to it.

The amish do this. But Religion dictates there life. I want a place where there is no religion some common rules like respect and good human nature towards everyone in the village.But other than that. Everyone wants the whole to prosper. All of them would enjoy ea. other’s company. All of them need to understand we all die and there is nothing afterwards.

It would be a community of the elites. A perfect community. I know people have been thinking about this forever perpetually. Is it so bad I wish for this too.

Buts that completely unrealistic because I know of no one who wants to go live out in the woods and be completely self sufficient. Who in this world wants that when you can go to the store and get whatever you want. Where am I gonna get a carpenter and a blacksmith to go make a house with me out in the woods.Yeah it’s not gonna happen but I can dream right. I just can’t stand to many people but I also can’t stand not being able to do anything. Only having a few things to do in a town is absolutely insane.