Un-dieing urge to do something

I want to go out and see things.

Recently I’ve become extremely fascinated by abandoned things.

Also recently I’ve started to apply to colleges. Both are a bit scary.

But mostly I’ve had to decide on which major I want to pursue and spend every single cent, I and my family have. To be completely honest I don’t want to be one of those people who go into college with one major in mind  and than change my mind halfway through because I didn’t know what I wanted to do before I started .

I want to go into Anthropology. Which I wasn’t quite sure on in the beginning, to be completely honest, but now I know It’s the one I want to go into and spend the rest of my life pursuing because I like old things.

I like old building’s that have vines growing on them. Things that have been on the earth and abandoned for so long mother nature has reclaimed it. I like mold and water damage and the history behind different objects and different locations. I like questioning what people lives would have been like when they used said objects or walked in said locations. History is very opinionated. I know people think the past is the past and it can never change and the only thing we have power over is the future but that’s wrong. The past changes everyday because people find new things to contradict what we have thought was true . All we truly know is the present. We don’t know whats gonna happen tomorrow, and what happened yesterday can be debated. So I want to question what happened in the past for the rest of my life.

I want to walk were other people have walked . I want to touch and feel what other people have used in there lives. It’s weird how we die so quickly, but the stuff we make can last longer than us. A part of our lives can last longer than we can. The things we leave behind are little pieces of ourselves and I want to delve into other peoples lives and see how they differ from mine.

Now that I know this FACT about myself I know me and Anthropology were meant to be.