Becky S.

Becky S. description of herself is “Who am I? Good question! A¬†good description could probably sound like this: a 28 year old PhD-student of neuropathophysiology (sounds nice huh). A former city-girl that changed… Continue reading

Philias and Phobias.

I have fears and things I enjoy, but so does everyone else. So instead of trying to explain myself through paragraphs of writing, I’ve picked words that represent me. Words that I enjoy… Continue reading

Empty Drawers

Me and my friends recently wrote a short film for our creative writing project and this is the output.

Bacon wrapped blue cheese mushrooms and hash brown waffles!!

Cameron enjoys camping so she thought she would make a blog about it. On her blog she posts camping hacks, camping food, cute pictures of retro campers and even recommendations for camping… Continue reading